"A problem cannot be solved by the same consciousness in which it arose."
Albert Einstein

Business Advisor

As a business advisor, Jeff Gunther adds value by collaborating on the creation and implementation of great ideas, and by helping to ensure sustainable growth through the exemplary stewardship of resources.

Jeff provides leadership, strategy, and general management direction to profit and non-profit organizations alike. With an impressive record of success in the service industry, he possesses particular expertise in the realms of real estate, professional practice, and franchising.

Jeff can help you:
  • Improve existing operations
  • Create new profit centres
  • Develop corporate image and vision
  • Communicate organizational goals
  • Train and motivate management and staff
  • Facilitate group innovation
  • Negotiate agreements
  • Lead through explosive growth
  • Direct and monitor business performance

Family Business
In 2006, Jeff Gunther joined David Bentall of Next Step Advisors to work with some of David's business family clients in the areas of:
  • Separating business and family issues
  • Negotiating working relationships between family members
  • Mentoring younger executives
  • Strategic planning
  • Team-building
  • Leadership training

Business Friend & Mentor
Leaders frequently find themselves alone in an overly compliant or adversarial sea of stakeholders. For perspective, they need the wisdom of a trusted business friend to challenge their ideas and to help them break through barriers.

Jeff Gunther finds great joy in the privilege of walking with others as they discover their own true value. He believes, and demonstrates, that freedom is the ultimate reward of discipline.

Jeff loves to connect like-minded people, and frequently entertains requests to introduce people for the purposes of business, investment, philanthropy, or personal growth.

For a complimentary consultation, please email: info@jeffgunther.ca

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