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Real Estate Investor

As a licensed Realtor®, Jeff Gunther sold hundreds of single family residential revenue properties – many providing returns on investment of up to 2,000% in less than 3 years. As National Sales Trainer for a leading Canadian real estate organization, he trained thousands of Realtors® and managers in business planning and evaluation, investment analysis, and the art of negotiation. As an entrepreneur and business advisor, he has negotiated countless commercial contracts.

Since age 21, Jeff has been an active real estate investor, focused primarily on properties with good long-term equity growth potential. He currently owns revenue-producing real estate, shares in land banking corporations, and equity in commercial, industrial, and residential development in Edmonton, Calgary, and Grande Cache.

Jeff invites proposals or inquiries pertaining to real estate offerings and business opportunities.

Deal Flow
Our investment sights are primarily set on Alberta, because of strong long-term fundamentals in this resource rich province, with even more specific focus on working-class Edmonton. Projects in lower-mainland British Columbia may also be considered.

The objective of our residential investment is to provide clean, safe, affordable housing in cash-flowing properties with a long-term hold strategy. Standard 2-story, 3 bedroom townhouses are desirable due to affordability, rent-ability, ease of management, and a promising exit strategy. Units are renovated as necessary. All deals must be solution-oriented.

The objective of our commercial investment is to supply superior workspaces and amplify value. Multi-tenanted residential, office, retail, and hospitality/speciality properties located in major centres, and priced in the $1-18M, range will be considered.

Joint Venture Partnerships
Tax advantages aside, there are at least 3 ways to profit from real estate investment: positive cash flow; reduction of mortgage principal; and equity growth through inflation. Over the past 50 years, average Canadian homes have appreciated by an annually compounded rate of 6.4%. If this holds true, controlling an asset with a leveraged 20% capital investment increases the net return by a factor of five. This equates to an annual return of 32%!

In an increasingly fragile global economy, wise investors recognize the enduring value of real property. Joint Venture Partners expect extensive market research and conservative investment in quality properties, with good tenants, healthy reserve funds, positive cash flow, and a solid support team.

The Canadian economy is subject to extended periods of limited growth. The good news is that balanced markets present promising acquisition opportunities that may endure until 2015.

Residential JV Partners typically have available investment capital of at least $75,000 and good credit. Commercial JV Partners normally have access to at least $250,000. Both strategies require patient money. There is risk associated with all investment activity.

The preceding information is provided for information purposes only, and is not intended to solicit investors. Offerings and inquiries may be directed to: info@jeffgunther.ca

Information on specific projects is available at: www.kingdombusiness.ca

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